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Luxury Casino Direct Mail Complaint To ASA 0

Posted on 11, September 2014

in Category Bingo News, Gambling Adverts

The Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) this week upheld a complaint about a Direct Mail that was sent by Luxury Casino, a little known mobile casino. The mailshot that was sent contained a letter which was headed ‘Use our money to win over £1 million’. The letter went on to say how there was no risk to your funds and there was an offer of £1,000 free using a bonus code

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Elf Bingo Offer £5 Free 0

Posted on 25, July 2014

in Category Bingo Bonus, Bingo News, Free Bingo

When it comes to no deposit required welcome bonuses, we have seen a number of brands start to offer this sort of deal lately. Once upon a time it was the norm but a few years ago now, most sites dropped the free cash at registration, with exception of the Cozy brands of course. What we hadn’t seen before now though was such a healthy free bonus from one of the 15 Network sites, Elf Bingo are the first of the 18 brands to offer £5 free to new players

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Tidy Bingo Mail Quiz 0

Posted on 19, February 2014

in Category Bingo Promotions, Free Bingo

Quizzing’s part of bingo. Usually it’s just a little side game in one of the rooms, and great fun it is too. Tidy are taking the bingo quiz and giving it a nice little quiz with an inbox quiz that will pay you £2 a time with no typing tests in the chat window. Oh, and the best bit is that Tidy will even tell you the answers you need to know. There’s no home for Jeremy Paxman and the brainiacs of University Challenge with the Tidy Quiz. The subject is something we all know about, bingo, and all you [&hellip

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It Could Be You At Tidy Bingo 0

Posted on 28, January 2014

in Category Bingo Promotions

Tidy Bingo have made quite a few changes to their promotional schedule of late and we are suitably impressed. All too often a brand launches on a network and just sits back on its laurels hoping that the usual promotions will be enough to attract the players and keep them coming back. Tidy Bingo aren’t resting on their laurels and have launched several different exclusive promotions since they opened in August

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Foxy Bingo Turns You On AGAIN 0

Posted on 12, November 2013

in Category Bingo Promotions, Prize Bingo

When it comes to giving players what they want one of the best ways is by repeating a promotion that worked really well for your brand in the past. Whether it worked well because of the publicity it attracted or simply because it pleased the players, either way if something works well, do it again! It’s certainly an ethos that Foxy Bingo work with and one such promotion was the Foxy Turns You On deal

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All Aboard The Foxy Bingo Prize Bus 0

Posted on 26, September 2013

in Category Bingo Adverts, Bingo Jackpots, Bingo Promotions, Free Bingo, Prize Bingo

On Monday the Foxy Bingo prize bus arrived back at the site and with it is a trunk load of prizes to win for FREE! Unlike many brands that offer you the chance to grab a free scratchcard, the Foxy prize bus game is a little more interactive. In order to win you have to do a little more than click your mouse with their free game

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