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The Butler’s VIP Lounge At Butler’s Bingo 0

Posted on 30, June 2014

in Category Bingo Bonus, Bingo Promotions, Free Bingo

It’s good to see when a brand recognises the value of their players, even more so when they acknowledge the uniqueness each player demonstrates, that is why Butler Bingo believes their players should all be treated in a way that suits their individuality. The Butler’s VIP Lounge has been designed to treat the players according to their needs when playing bingo

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BFF Loyalty Games At Gala Bingo 0

Posted on 29, May 2014

in Category Bingo Jackpots, Bingo Promotions

To run a successful bingo site in the world of online gaming, brands need to recognize that the loyalty from players must be at the top of their priority list. One such site that are rewarding their players for their continued loyalty is Gala Bingo, where they are running a promotion called BFF Loyalty Games. For those of you who have teenagers you may well be aware of the terminology in the abbreviation of words that they so often use these days, however if you’re lucky enough not to be subjected to this type of lingo, then BFF stands for [&hellip

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Superheroes Club At Pink Ribbon Bingo 0

Posted on 26, April 2014

in Category Bingo Promotions

Have you ever dreamt of being a superhero? As adults we still have that child within, and for many of us, as kids, we loved playing the role of the superhero in our childhood games. Well, here is a promotion that might be just up your street, brought to you from the team at Pink Ribbon Bingo is the Superheroes Club promotion. The players at Pink Ribbon Bingo are considered to be worth their weight in gold, as without them the site would not be able to contribute all profits to the very worthy Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity. Click here [&hellip

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Kitty Bingo Free Club 0

Posted on 20, October 2013

in Category Bingo Promotions, Free Bingo

Whilst we may not be overly impressed with the new Kitty Bingo adverts, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t fans of the site – we are. Even more so with the introduction of their Free Bingo Club! There are probably very few players online today that don’t like a little something for nothing from their gaming and the Kitty Free Bingo Club will suit all

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Iced Gems At Iceland Bingo 0

Posted on 24, September 2013

in Category Bingo Jackpots, Bingo Promotions, Free Bingo

Whatever your age you will no doubt have eater Iced Gems at some point in your life. The little round biscuits with a dollop of icing on the top that always tasted scrumptious, do you remember them? Well their name has been used for the loyalty program with Iceland Bingo, a program that offers an abundance of bingo goodies for the players that remain loyal to the site

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Loyalty Pays At Gala Bingo 0

Posted on 13, August 2013

in Category Bingo Bonus, Bingo Promotions

Gala Bingo has a lot going for it, not only is it a well-known name both online and offline but the promotions and offers from the brand are equally as impressive. For players who remain loyal to the site there are a whole plethora of bonuses to be had by rising through the Loyalty Levels

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Winner Bingo Super Saver Monday 0

Posted on 22, July 2013

in Category Bingo Promotions, Deposit Bonus

Today heralds the start of another working week but for most this means the kids have broken up from school too, an additional expense in trying to keep them amused. Of course often this costs more money so Winner Bingo are offering you a little more bonus for your cash with your deposits during Super Saver Monday. A way to stretch your usual bingo budget a little bit further…

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Super Saver Monday At Winner Bingo 0

Posted on 7, April 2013

in Category Bingo Promotions

Weekends are often quite an expensive time; there’s the weekly shop to do and days out with the kids so the Super Saver Mondays at Winner Bingo are a great way to make the pennies of your bingo budget stretch a little further. Every transaction that is made on a Monday at the site will earn a little something extra for players dependent on their loyalty level at the site

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