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Tidy Bingo Continues Its Help for Heroes Generosity 0

Posted on 11, November 2014

in Category Bingo News, Charity Bingo

November is the month of Remembrance Sunday, so it’s wonderful news that Tidy Bingo have topped £1,000 raised for Help for Heroes and want their players to help them raise even more for the popular services charity. A second donation of £567.10 in October, put the sum Tidy players had raised since the site started raising money for the charity in February to £1,034.75 – a very Tidy donation!

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Win Millions With Tidy Bingo 0

Posted on 21, October 2014

in Category Bingo Promotions

When it comes to exclusive promotions, Tidy Bingo has them in abundance in comparison with many of the brands on the 15 Network. It’s the only brand currently on this network to offer a standalone room exclusively for their players and it is from this room that many of the unique promotions centre. One of these is the Tidy Millions promo, your chance to get in on a Euromillions syndicate with other players from the site. With the current Euromillions jackpot standing at an estimated £143 million following five rollovers, playing five games in the Tidy Cupboard at Tidy Bingo [&hellip

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Another Exclusive Progressive Winner At Tidy Bingo 0

Posted on 9, July 2014

in Category Bingo News, Bingo Winners

The Tidy Bingo progressive jackpot launched in the Tidy Cupboard back on 20th May and hasn’t been running for very long at all, but it’s proving popular and has just had yet another lucky winner! ‘heidi2111’ scooped the jackpot just a week after its launch and netted £80, calling bingo in 44 calls on the number 50, that in itself was surprising enough, but now the jackpot has seen another winner and it was more than anyone bargained for!

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Football Widows At Tidy Bingo 0

Posted on 6, June 2014

in Category Bingo Promotions, Prize Bingo

Most of you will be well aware that one of the greatest sporting events is almost upon us, the whistle is about to be blown for the kick off to the World Cup – the world’s biggest footballing tournament. However, not everyone can claim to be a fan of the ‘beautiful game’ and this is where Tidy Bingo have stepped in with the idea behind their latest promotion, Football Widows. A promotion for those of you who would much rather be playing their favourite game of bingo

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Changes To Tidy And The Troops At Tidy Bingo 0

Posted on 9, May 2014

in Category Bingo Promotions

Since Tidy Bingo launched their Tidy and the Troops promotion in February 2014 there have been a couple of changes as the owner’s tweak the special game to suit the players and the site. At first it was suggested that they support a troop in Afghanistan but this proved to be a logistical nightmare. At this point the well-known Help for Heroes charity was approached and Tidy soon became recognised fundraisers for the popular charity

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Tidy Bingo Has A Standalone Room 0

Posted on 22, April 2014

in Category Bingo Promotions

Little ol’ Tidy Bingo, a site that only launched on the 15 Network back in August of last year, has been such a hit with players that it has launched its very own standalone bingo site – The Tidy Cupboard. The Tidy Cupboard not only marks the success and vision of the site but it also offers you the chance to play a host of games and tournaments in a fun and vibrant environment that’s exclusively open to Tidy Bingo players

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