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Grazing At A Screen Near You ‘Soon’ – Lucky Cow Bingo 0

Posted on 7, October 2014

in Category Bingo News, New Bingo Sites

Across the online bingo industry we hear news of many a new bingo site set to launch and for the most part, the opening does happen albeit sometimes up to 12 months later. A ‘coming soon’ brand that caught our eye recently is Lucky Cow Bingo but actually, little is known about the site. Usually we are able to find out which network the site will open on and then from there, it’s quite easy to deduce which software will be used

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Wheel Of Slots Network Inaugural Site – Viking Bingo 0

Posted on 7, May 2014

in Category Bingo Bonus, Bingo Chat Games, Bingo News, New Bingo Sites

At LAC in February we had heard rumours of the impending launch of a new bingo network and a recent visit to Oh My Bingo revealed the name of the network and it’s inaugural brand. The network is to be called Wheel of Slots (WOS) and the first brand of to join will be Viking Network. Whilst researching the soon to open site we found that there is currently a site called Viking FM Bingo

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