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Posted on 2, October 2013

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The latest big viral hit is a music video by Ylvis, a Norwegian comedy duo who are brothers Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker. The duo created the video and released it earlier this month and to date there have been over 70 millions views! The song, entitled ‘What Does the Foxy Say?’ features a number of people dressed as various animals and sings of the sounds they make.

However the central story of the video is as the title suggests, what noise does a fox say? The tune is really catchy and it is understandable that it has gone viral – see for yourself by clicking the clip below:

What we are really impressed by is how quickly the marketing geniuses at Foxy Bingo caught onto the popularity of the video and released a response asking the duo round for a cup of tea!

In his response, Foxy (the mascot of the well known brand) says ‘So I listened to that ‘What’s The Fox Say’ song on t’internet – dog goes woof, cat goes meow – it’s not Gary Barlow now is it? And then they ask ‘What’s the fox say?’ – well lads, why don’t you pop round for a brew sometime. I’ll be happy to fill you in on what this fox says!’

It took the team at Foxy just over two weeks to get their response live on YouTube and whilst it may not have even made the 1,000 views mark yet, you have to take your hats off to the marketing team (or at least tip your hat).

Here’s the response from Foxy:

Visit: Foxy Bingo


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