Online Bingo Addict’s £45,000 Debt Pile 0

Posted on 13, March 2015

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Wigan mum Kelly Nield has accumulated a debt of £45,000 whilst playing bingo online.  Kelly has told her story to the Wigan Evening Post to warn others to the dangers of getting hooked on the popular game.

Kelly, 32 from Billinge near Wigan had been tempted to play the game whilst watching Jeremy Kyle with the interval advertising the Foxy Bingo website.  During 2012 whilst on the sick from her regular childcare job, she was enticed by the bright advert and the free plays with a generous sign up of £20.   “You can go on and do it in your own home in comfort and to begin with it’s not a big deal,” she said.

What started out as a bit of fun and to fill a gap in time soon turned to an unhealthy habit with playing time of around 8 hours as she began to lose control. In just over 6 months, Kelly soon had built up a debt of £10,000.

Kelly who was suffering from stress at the time had also kept the playing of the game away from her family whilst the debts continued to grow using credit cards and her family savings to feed the habit.

Kelly came clean to her partner Ian Nairn, 37 after 2 years and she agreed to visit her local GP for help and guidance to kick the habit and regain control.

But Kelly is now hitting back at the advertising of online bingo sites, may of which are endorsed by celebrities and aired at all times of the day, make gambling attractive to people of all ages.

“Drugs, alcohol and sex would not be advertised before the watershed but why is it okay to advertise gambling,” she said. according to the Wigan Observer.

Bingosupermarket can see the problems arising from this sort of publicity but it is worth noting that these types of cases are relatively rare when you compare the problems with other comparisons.  First of all, there are help groups such as gamcare and free advice should you feel that you are not in control.  The industry wish players to gamble with their head not over it.

Spending too much time on anything is always going to cause problems albeit drinking, gambling, smoking, eating fatty foods etc, the list is endless.  Kelly also states that the advertisements should be after the watershed but to be fair, the watershed is to protect the young and vulnerable and so is the gambling act therefore why would putting the adverts on after the watershed have any effect.  The bingo adverts are aimed at middle aged women and do not target children.

Kelly is an extreme example and the bingo industry is very active in assisting the gaming industry to prevent problems but occasionally some will slip through the net and it is only right that customers who wish to play bingo do so in moderation and enjoy what is a fun experience.

It is also fair to say that playing time has a lot to do with an addiction so attending a bingo club is a much more controlled environment than playing bingo online.