Rank Poised to Set up Convenience Bingo Chain 0

Posted on 2, September 2016

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Rank are looking to expand the Bingo sector by introducing a new style of convenience bingo club. After deciding to pull the plug on the William Hill takeover, Rank who are famed for owning the Mecca Bingo chain are looking to introduce a totally new brand of Bingo clubs and will be looking to open 2 or 3 concept sites in the early part of 2017 and rolling more out thereafter.
According to the Daily Telegraph A subsidiary of Rank recently registered trademarks for Luda, Luma and Kuda, which could be potential names for the new brand.
Rank are looking to consolidate the gaming industry and the recent takeover bid was a joint venture between 888 holdings and Rank but the offer was knocked back with the reason being that the deal was too complex.
The bingo industry is still seen as a little archaic in recent years and has been crying out for modernisation since the introduction of online bingo to keep the popularity alive.
Mecca is a powerhouse in the bingo industry along with innovative companies such as Gala and Beacon Bingo clubs. Independent companies with Palace Bingo clubs pushing to merge the online bingo with land based bingo to improve prize pots and participation are improving the offering and fulfilling the ambitions for these forward thinking bingo companies.
Let us not forget those local seaside bingo clubs like the North Parade bingo in Skegness flying the flag for traditional venues with luxury and modern surroundings.